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Hull Inspections and Surveys

Completing regular hull inspections or class surveys is an effective and safe way to capture and gather information allowing for preventative maintenance actions. Completing a hull inspection can provide actual insight to the structure of the ship, including the paint coating condition and marine fouling all of which is vital to the performance of the vessel. Understanding the hull condition provides valuable information to the owners and allows them the ability to make informed decisions on any critical maintenance that is required.

CDS Drones operates under a strict inspection procedure, which has been developed from over 60 years of industry experience in the commercial shipping sector. Our experienced drone pilots extend from a background of qualified commercial divers which have jointly conducted thousands of in-water hull inspections and class endorsed surveys. Our clients can be assured of attention to detail and vessel knowledge understanding. All the critical areas of each vessel will be covered.

Our remote drone hull inspections and surveys cover the submerged areas of the hull including:

  • General visual examination of the underwater hull area​.
  • Rudders, propellers and propeller shaft.
  • Close visual examination of critical areas. 
  • Corrosion protection potentials check and anode survey.
  • Splash zone examination.
  • Marine Fouling inspections.
  • Paint coatings.