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Inshore Inspections & Surveys

Water suppliers and hydro electric dams are key target users of underwater Drones/ROVs which are ideal for the detailed inspection of inshore water reservoirs, tanks, lakes and rivers. Work can also extend to Ports and Harbour infrastructure assessments and condition ratings.

CDS Drones has a range of Drones/ROV models ideally suited to such work on lakes and rivers where small, rugged and versatile equipment is needed.

Inshore use of Drones/ROVs often reduces the need for divers to do visual inspections or in many cases Drones/ROVs make it easier for them to pinpoint work that needs to be done. Our Drones/ROVs have proven invaluable in a wide variety of inshore uses such as detecting pipeline defects, foreign objects in the system, pipeline collapses and sediment build up which could contaminate water supplies. The use of Drones/ROVs can increase safety and inspection quality, cut plant downtime and also reduces costs.